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If you’re looking for Alfresco Wood Fired Ovens – you’ve come to the right place! Same owners, same locally manufactured quality wood fired pizza ovens, just a different name…

The Alfresco Factory started off as Alfresco Wood Fired Pizza Ovens in 2003 after much research into the art of building the most efficient and attractive wood fired ovens.

We have come a long way since then, establishing a reputation for manufacturing one of the highest quality wood fired ovens on the market. 

We have recently renamed the business ‘THE ALFRESCO FACTORY’ to encompass our expanding range of wood fired ovens, refractory materials and outdoor kitchen supplies and equipment.

Browse our online store to see our range of residential wood fired pizza ovens, DIY pizza oven kits and a range of oven and cooking accessories. Based in Perth, we freight our pizza ovens all over Australia and, indeed, the world. Visit our locations page to learn more.

Or, if you’d like to see our ovens in person, come and see us at our new factory and showroom at 18 Greenwich Parade, Neerabup. Here you can see where our ovens are manufactured and view our full range of Alfresco Factory wood fired ovens on display.


Can my pizza oven be outside without a cover?

Yes. All our Alfresco Factory wood fired pizza ovens have been designed to withstand the elements of Perth’s climate. However, to prolong the life of your outdoor pizza oven, it is important to keep moisture out and keep your oven dry to ensure your oven continues to work efficiently. To protect your oven against the elements, we recommend applying a natural look, penetrating concrete sealer to the external render after the curing process is complete and to any porous materials surrounding your oven, such as your stand and slab, which can also absorb water and cause your oven to become wet.  Sealers such as Crommelins Natural Diamond Coat Paving and Concrete Sealer or Dunlop Premium Natural Look Sealer can be purchased from Bunnings. 

Acrylic render products such as Dulux Acratex Coventry Coarse can also be applied as a sealer, with the added benefit of being able to change the render colour without having to remove the render provided with your oven. 

To see them in action, the oven on display at Dawson’s Garden World in Forrestfield is testament to the longevity and quality of our ovens. It gets watered with the plants twice a day and sits under un-guttered eaves and has not been weather damaged.

How many pizzas can I cook in your oven at one time?

While our Original Oven can comfortably fit 6 x 300mm pizzas, it can get a little tricky managing the cooking of this many pizzas at one time. For home use, we recommend 2 pizzas at once to comfortably manage the cooking. See below how many pizzas can comfortably fit in the various sizes of wood fired pizza ovens we have for sale.

Original = 5-6 x 300mm pizzas 

Midi = 3 x 300mm pizzas 

Courtyard = 2 x 300mm pizzas

What can I cook in my wood fired oven?

Considering wood fired ovens predate traditional gas or electric ovens, you should be able to cook just about anything in your Alfresco Factory oven. For optimal heat control, we have designed our ovens so that they can be used with the door, allowing you to use them for stewing, roasting, baking, frying, smoking, grilling, cooking pizzas, breads and even desserts. 

Do your ovens smoke?  

Yes, all ovens smoke. During the initial curing process, you may find your Alfresco Factory wood fired oven will smoke as there is too much moisture in the cement to allow for efficient burning. Once your oven is completely cured, you may also find that it will smoke initially for the first 5-7 minutes each time you light it. Other reasons for smoking include burning green or wet wood in it, or the burning chamber is receiving too little oxygen. 

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