Ceramic Fibre Insulation blanket 7.2m x 600mm x 25mm


Product Description

Ceramic Fibre Blanket is a soft, lightweight, high temperature, insulation material. It is widely used in the construction of wood fired pizza ovens. Made from high strength spun ceramic fibres, which are needled into a firm, pliable blanket, this insulation blanket is able to insulate ovens up to 1200° C. Ceramic Fire Blanket is easy to use, it can simply be cut with scissors to the shape desired, and it is able to be easily moulded around complex shapes. If you’re building a wood fired oven, we recommend using ceramic fibre blanket to insulate the oven dome, and to follow this with a layer of render to protect against the weather. This combination is so effective that even if your oven heats up to well over 400°C, the outside of this layer will be only mildly warm to touch.

Dimensions: 7.2m x 600mm x 25mm