Building Your Stand

Build a stand (made from brick, stone, steel etc) on which to place the oven.

The height of the stand should be 900 to 1100mm depending on your height – you don’t want to be too stooped when using the oven.  See diagrams below.




  • If you are pouring your own slab (or benchtop) on which to build your oven, it should be minimum of 85mm thick reinforced concrete.
  • Please DO NOT use cement sheeting.
  • Please ensure your slab is level with an even surface.
  • We do not recommend that you use any materials other than a concrete slab underneath your oven.



  • Seal the concrete slab on which the oven will be built BEFORE assembling your oven.
  • If your stand is constructed out of porous materials such as bricks, limestone etc we also recommend that you seal the stand—please refer to the materials manufacturer for recommended sealers.
  • Recommended concrete sealers for The Alfresco Factory concrete slabs can be found in the Curing and Maintenance Instructions under ‘Keeping Your Oven Dry’.
  • If you have used concrete in the construction of your stand allow adequate time for it to dry once completed.