The Ozpig Camp Oven

The Ozpig Camp Oven is a clever Aussie invention created by a family with a love of the great outdoors.

Named after its solid design and squat shape, the Ozpig is a robust, ingenious and versatile camping oven.

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Product Description

It’s raised, off-the-ground design is a game changer that allows you to use the Ozpig Camp Oven in a variety of locations where an open fire is not permitted. So whether you’re camping in one of Perth’s stunning destinations or on a secluded beach on the Sunshine Coast, the Ozpig is the perfect solution.

Mounted on stable legs with a compact chimney, our Ozpig Camp Oven lets you cook up a storm without the inconvenience of having to bend over a campfire. Additionally, the Ozpig design is much more flexible than a regular BBQ, enabling you to enjoy baking, chargrilling, deep-frying, wok cooking, rotisserie roasting or just boiling the kettle for a cuppa.

Run by easy-to-carry fuel, the Ozpig Camp Oven is a reliable, fuel-efficient choice. You can fire it up using your choice of timber, heat beads or volcanic rock. Plus, with its Australian heritage, the Ozpig has been built to withstand the harshest conditions and requires very little maintenance. So, there’s a good chance it will outlast you!

To view the Ozpig Camp Oven and its full range of accessories, visit our Perth showroom at 18 Greenwich Parade, Neerabup, or visit the Ozpig website.

Ozpig Website

For a durable & fuel-efficient camping BBQ, the Ozpig Camp Oven is the perfect solution. Ideal for baking, grilling & so much more. Shop the range today!