Wood Fired Ovens

Traditional Original Pre-assembled Wood Fired Oven


From $4800

Heat up time

90 minutes

Internal dims

1100mm x 1290mm
(6 x 30cm pizzas)


1100kg including slab

Space required

1400mm x 1500mm
(slab size)

If you're serious about your wood fired cooking, our Traditional Original pre-assembled oven is your perfect fit! Originally designed for commercial use, with its super-generous cooking area and 72 hour heat retention, you will be cooking up a storm for your whole neighbourhood in our Traditional Original model.

Available colours

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  • Marigold
  • Charcoal
  • Natural
  • Terracotta
  • Sandstone

What’s included?

    • Pre-built on a reinforced concrete slab (65mm thick) – ready to be installed on your stand
    • Pre-cast, steel reinforced, one-piece refractory inner dome
    • Pre-cast, steel reinforced, refractory entrance – high temperature coated black
    • 304 grade stainless steel entrance plate
    • Under-brick floor insulation
    • 1200°C ceramic fibre dome insulation blanket
    • Heavy duty refractory floor bricks
    • Choice of 5 render colours
    • 304 grade stainless steel flue – 1 metre
    • 304 grade stainless steel cap
    • 304 grade stainless steel door
    • Stainless steel pizza paddle
    • Curing and Maintenance instructions
    • User Manual e-book including recipes
    • 7 days / week phone support
    Optional Extras :
    •  Rear corners cut from slab for corner installation
    • Single skin stainless steel flue extension lengths and elbows
    • Spark arrestor insert for rain cap
    •  Heavy duty galvanised steel stand or trolley

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