Paul Mercurio’s Italian Pizza.

Paul Mercurio’s Italian Pizza.


Pizza sauce
6 thin slices of prosciutto
8 slices of hot sopressa
8 good quality anchovy fillets
Marinated roasted capsicum – sliced thinly
4 marinated artichokes
12 kalamata olives – deseeded and quartered
Big hand full of baby Rocket
1 jar Marinated goats cheese – I use Meredith Goats Cheese
Pinch of dried Chili flakes – optional
Mixed pizza cheese


Roll out your dough and place on a pre greased pizza tray and then spread a nice layer of the pizza sauce over the top.

Tear the prosciutto in pieces and scatter evenly around the pizza then do the same with the sopressa.

Then scatter around the capsicum, olives and the artichokes – just pull the artichokes apart with your fingers to break them up.

Now lay as many or as few of the anchovies around the pizza and then again using your fingers crumble a couple of blocks of the goats’ cheese around the pizza.

Sprinkle some of the chili flakes over the top and then drizzle a little of the garlic infused olive oil around.

Place the rocket evenly over the pizza and then take a generous handful or two of the mixed cheese and sprinkle evenly over the top. Cook

This pizza has lots of different flavours going on so I like to have a sprightly and refreshing beer with this which of course to my way of thinking means a Saison. Luckily I can get my two favourites here in Vic easily – Temple Saison, Chevalier Saison otherwise go for a La Chouffe or a Saison Dupont.

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